Resources and Timeline

We will try to use this page to track what happens in the class generally, and sometimes include pointers to material we discuss or will discuss. But this will be rather sparse, and is not expected to make sense unless you were part of the discussion. They will be listed here mostly after the fact.


We will start meeting in the first week of classes.

  • August 18th: Introductions, discussions of background, research interests, expectations.
  • August 25th: Research: What is it. Goals, Processes, Skills, Products.


  • Shared Google Folder for class
    • (This folder, and everything in it, is always open to the entire class; please keep this in mind when putting content here.  In some parts of this space, we will follow a discipline of only editing each on our own parts, and treating parts written by others as read-only.  In other parts of this space, we will create documents that will be collaboratively edited by groups.)